Faith Perspective

Is your faith at the core of who you are?

Does it drive what you do and how you strive to live your life?

Have you ever felt confused as to why God is allowing such trials in your life?

Possibly, you have been trusting that a breakthrough will happen but feel stuck.

Faith Perspective

Whether faith plays the largest role in your life, a small role, or you desire to go deeper, integrating your relationship with God into your inner work allows you to gain a greater sense of self and a greater depth of spirituality.

I believe that the power of the Christian perspective lies at the crossroads where faith and practicality meet. Along with God’s grace, there is also a place for action which allows God to move in even greater ways on our behalf.

Using a faith-based perspective, I focus on combining clinically proven counseling methods with Christian conviction and biblical insight. This focus allows for us to partner together with God to move beyond the past and experience true breakthrough.

By working with individuals who place a similar value on faith, I seek to learn about the role faith plays as a foundation to guide our work together.

I am passionate about Christian counseling and faith-based trauma therapy because faith can be the driving force of our morals, convictions, and, ultimately, the way we desire to function in life.

My Passion for Integrating Faith Into Therapy:

Before pursuing my graduate degree from UCLA, I graduated from Azusa Pacific University, which is a Christian University focused on keeping “God first.” During this time, I became very involved in spreading awareness for anti-human trafficking efforts through non-profit work.

I became so passionate about humanitarian work that I went on to travel to Africa three separate times for several months at a time. These life-changing travels allowed me to experience the impacts that poverty, domestic violence, and human trafficking have on individuals and communities.

Biblical Integration:

These experiences deepened and challenged my faith in the Lord tremendously, as I encountered such suffering that no one seemed to have any explanation for.

Although my faith has always played a key role in my life, I learned many lessons from the beautiful people I met overseas, including the importance of finding God in the most hopeless of circumstances.

The Apostle Paul teaches in Romans 5:3-4 that suffering, in fact, produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.

The mystery regarding human suffering is far too great to comprehend. However, we can take hope in the fact that God promises to never leave us or forsake us.

Psychologists have even discovered that facing adversity and setbacks in life often results in personal breakthrough and development.

It is my conviction to maintain a non-judgmental lens while pursuing a journey of self-compassion and grace. Negative coping mechanisms are common reasons people seek out therapy, and it is especially typical for survivors of trauma to develop harmful ways of coping.

To learn more about my faith integration approach and see if this would be a good fit for your walk, please contact me today.