Couples Therapy (The Gottman Method)

How Couples Therapy Can Help My Relationship:

Falling in love can happen easily. Remaining in love and cultivating a vibrant connection through the highs and lows of life can be challenging. Choosing to remain in love grants you a journey toward wholeness within yourself and as a couple.

All relationships require mindful effort and attention, and since we are all constantly evolving as individuals, so are our relationships.

When we learn to embrace the need for individual growth and take responsibility instead of blaming our partner, we find that love deepens.

Couples therapy is often about managing conflict by identifying barriers keeping you from thriving in love and passion. Beneath ineffective communication, self-protection mechanisms, conflict, aggression, and blaming lies the foundation in which love was once built upon. Relationships have many opportunities for growth and transformation.

Couples counseling provides the opportunity for couples who are dating or married to deepen their commitment, improve their communication, and develop healthy coping skills to prevent behaviors that are impacting their relationships.

If you feel as though your relationship has been struggling to thrive or perhaps that you have lost your sense of appreciation toward each other, You. Are Not. Alone.

The Gottman Method:

The divorce rate in the United States continues to remain at about 50%.

Couples are faced with difficult challenges, which many times can affect the family unit.

The Gottman Method is founded by Dr. John Gottman, who has conducted over 50 years of breakthrough research and has earned numerous major awards regarding marital stability.

Dr. Gottman is known today as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Therapists of the past quarter-century by the Psychotherapy Networker. See the Gottman Institute for more detailed information.

As a Gottman Method-trained therapist, I strive to utilize research-based assessment and techniques through this scientifically sound approach to identify and strengthen areas of weakness in couples and families.

Elements of the Gottman Method:

In this therapy, the focus is on emotion, skill-building for managing conflict, developing new skills for enhancing friendship, and helping couples create a system of shared meaning together.

As a Gottman-trained therapist, I will implement elements of behavioral couple therapy, cognitive couple therapy, narrative therapy, systemic couple therapy, and psychodynamic couple therapy.

Behavioral couple therapy focuses on how couples think and feel about their relationship.

Narrative therapy focuses on history, purpose, and current struggles.

Systemic couple therapy is based upon interaction patterns that describe the relationship as a system.

Psychodynamic couple therapy is based upon analysis of the role the primary family and other significant past relationships play in the relationship here and now.

In summary, relationships are both an Art and a Science.

My Vision for Couples:

My goal and vision for couples therapy is to uncover the “master couple” hidden within each set of clients, allowing them to stay together and prosper in their relationship. Upon completing the therapy sessions, couples will leave with many tools to address future challenges so that the changes are long-lasting.

Whether you are in a marriage that is struggling to thrive or in a dating relationship trying to determine if there is a shared hope and future, my goal is to bring a sense of clarity and compassion to your relationship. Please contact me for a consultation if you are interested in experiencing a deeper breakthrough within yourself and within your relationship.

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