Calming techniques to do at any time

Engaging Your 5 Senses Sometimes anxious thoughts invade at the most inopportune times such as in a public setting, at work, in a class, out to dinner with a group of people, or during a meeting. It can feel daunting to wait until the event passes to order to find some relief or perhaps the […]

5 Simple Steps to Ease Your Anxiety

Have you ever experienced a “brain freeze?” In other words, maybe you have experienced your mind going “blank” on the task at hand due to anxious thoughts. Perhaps this has happened in the middle of an exam or work presentation. You have adequately prepared only to find that the anxiety in your mind is preventing […]

7 Easy to Implement Coping Strategies for Anxiety

Do you ever feel like a victim of your own anxious thoughts, unable to shut them off? Or perhaps the same repetitive thought of worry continues to crop up? These thoughts can be so pervasive that choosing to simply avoid them is an understandable temptation. “If I pretend it doesn’t bother me, then it will […]